DVC celebrated its 15 year anniversary in Winterberg

9 März 2020
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DVC was established on August 16 in 2004, so last August our company celebrated it's 15 year anniversary. Especially for this occasion, the complete staff with partners were invited to travel to Winterberg for an exiting weekend together.

The program was great. From ski lessons, free skying/snowboarding to a fun hilarious activity with a sled down the mountain. The atmosphere and the weather were fantastic.

DVC-15-year-00.jpg DVC-15-year-01.jpgDVC-15-year-15.jpg DVC-15-year-13.jpg DVC-15-year-14.jpg 
Sunday was a competitive but definately connecting morning. We received 6 challenges that had to be executed per team.  After the last lunch we all drove home tired, many with muscle pain, but most of all satisfied.


DVC-15-year-05.jpg DVC-15-year-10.jpg
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