Cotemaco: 360 degree lab experience

30 März 2020
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In Food Tech Brainport’s Smart Food Processing Field lab you will find a variety of demonstration systems for use in the food sector. These demonstrators mainly consist of robots, cobots and digital shop floor technologies and serve to inform and inspire food processors who pay a visit.

DVC is also present here with a 3D measuring setup.

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Visit the Lab in Helmond 360 degree lab experience

Next to the field lab, other technologies are demonstrated and may even be used for testing specific food or foodstuffs.

There is also a training room where various presentations are held on topics such as:

  • machine safety for your employees
  • the use of digital data for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • how to collect, analyse and valorise data of your production facility
  • and change management with automation projects, employee motivation and involvement.

Contact us if you would like to visit the Cotemaco Field Lab

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